African Cichlid Compatibility Chart

An African cichlid compatibility chart can come in handy when trying to ensure a healthy and thriving aquarium with different African cichlids. Because adding them randomly is just asking for a disaster.

And the reason for that is all African Cichlids are territorial and not only with other species but also against each other. Which makes mixing African cichlids with other species a challenge. But first, let me share some random information about cichlids.

1. Where do African Cichlids Come From

The Cichlidae family includes African cichlids but also all other cichlids. Most of these species are located in Africa.

Living their happy lives in 3 lakes in East Africa: Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Victoria. There are over 1400 species in Africa alone.

But cichlids are also located in South America and a few in Asia. South America has about 120 species and Asia 9.

Because cichlids from South America, Asia, and Africa are from different parts of the world it is better not to mix them together. They will only make each other sick because they are from a different environment.

2. Why Compatibility is Important

African cichlids are territorial especially when mating. And not only with other species but also against each other.

To make sure fights do not happen often. Which can lead to injured fish or worse dead. Try to create as many hiding places as possible to protect other fish. Because without hiding places anything smaller will become lunch.


It is also crucial for fish to have their own territory to hide in. So that they do not enter other African cichlids territory

Usually, only one species of African cichlid is living in an aquarium to avoid trouble. But it is definitely possible to add more just make sure the aquarium is big enough to avoid fighting as much as possible.

3. African Cichlid Compatibility Chart

With this handy African cichlid compatibility chart, you can find out which cichlids match each other.

Every fish has its own personality, therefore, there is a possibility that certain fish do not correspond with the chart below. Only use this chart as a guideline.

African Cichlid Compatibility Chart


Thank you so much for reading my article about African Cichlid compatibility charts.

It can be difficult to figure out which fish go together let alone an aggressive type of fish like African Cichlids.

Therefore, take all the time in the world with reading and figuring out which fish to add. Not only will it save time and trouble also the fish will love a peaceful aquarium.

If there are any more questions about African Cichlid compatibility. Please leave them in the comment box below and I will do my best to answer them all

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